Is your outsourced call centre performing as well as it could be?

Are you getting value for money when you outsource your call centre operations?

Is your organisation relatively new to the concept of telemarketing?

Is there a risk to call centre outsourcing offshore?

Is your sales function delivering enough prospects that are converting into customers?

If any of these apply to your company then what I have to offer may be of interest to you.


Hello! Welcome to the online home of Ianmhaines Consulting.

I am the lead partner for a Telemarketing Business Consultancy based in the South West of England. We specialise in three main areas - Call Centre Broking Services, high level Business Development Services and Call Centre CS & Sales Process Consultancy.

Call Centre Broking Services

I have a portfolio of UK, European and offshore audited call centre suppliers where I place my clients outsource work. So as a client if you have an inbound or outbound process that you are looking to place; be it on a fixed rate or CPA basis then drop me a line because I am sure I can tee you up with a qualified call centre supplier with expertise in your sector offering rates that fit in with your specification and budget. 
Our services for clients are free - we are not an add on margin for clients - if we successfully place your work with a call centre outsourcer at an agreed rate the outsourcer then pays us from their margin. So we endeavour to get your business placed with the right supplier, first time around for the duration of your campaign. If we don't achieve this objective to your satisfaction then you will inevitably remove your work and never use our services again - this is not a position we ever want to or ever have found ourselves in.

Business Development Services

I and my colleagues have been involved in the UK telebusiness industry since the early 1990's and worked for a number of sector leading call centre outsourcers mainly in senior business development and operational roles. We work with small to medium sized outsource call centre businesses both in the UK and in South Africa and the Philippines. We offer a full range of consulting services, ranging from small local projects to major national work, and everything in between. If you need to kick start or energise your sales process or  desperately need new clients then please feel free to make an enquiry about our day rates or longer term assignment rates. 

Call Centre Sales Process Consultancy

We specialise in consulting for large inbound customer service and sales operations that need energising or have become a little bit stale in their delivery of exceptional customer service and sales conversion delivery. We focus on certain key areas when we consult with your business:

  • Strategic review, are you playing in the right place in the right way
  • Product positioning and design review
  • Operational skills and capability review
  • Up-skilling/cross skilling of teams
  • Candidate attraction i.e. the right people to do the right job for you

If you would like to know more, then please get in contact with

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